Maruti Driving School

8 benefits of Shivam Maruti Driving School

  • Well-trained instructors
  • An entire fleet of training vehicles with double brake controls, AC and Power Steering
  • World-class driving simulator for inculcating appropriate safety skills
  • Simulator training for driving at night, in rain and in foggy conditions
  • Only one trainee per car during practicals
  • Comprehensive theory and practical sessions
  • State-of-art facilities
  • Certificate issued by Maruti
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The Maruti Driving School (MDS) is an effort to inculcate safer and better driving skills in learners. MDS offers various advantages to driving students, which ensure that they become confident, assured drivers.

The MDS course comprises of, not only practical sessions, but also theory sessions that cover all the skills essential for safe, responsible driving. Our state-of-the-art training facilities include advanced materials and high-tech gadgets.

Students are trained on the revolutionary, world-class Driving Simulator, a smart gadget that simulates real-time traffic conditions, thereby preparing learners to face real-time driving conditions. The simulator sessions reinforce the skills students learn in the practical coaching sessions, but in a safe, stress-free environment. The simulator simulates a variety of conditions such as night driving, hill driving, road and light, driving in rain and foggy conditions, thus providing them first-hand driving experience.

Our well-trained and expert instructors enable students to learn driving quickly and efficiently. In order to deliver comprehensive driving lessons to students, we have made available an entire fleet of training vehicles with double brake controls, AC and power steering. What’s more, during practical sessions, we take care to have only one training per car.

Each student receives Maruti Suzuki certification on completion of the course and passing out.