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We all know that the need of the hour is to change our lifestyle to become absolutely Eco-friendly. Speaking of the cars we drive, the fuel consumed and the vehicular emissions, drastic changes are needed to protect the environment. Maruti Suzuki has always been a pioneer in bringing about positive changes and trends in the Automobile Industry. One such effort is their commitment to introducing an Electric Vehicle by 2020. Meanwhile, their current advanced technologies like Factory fitted S-CNG technology and Smart Hybrid technology lead to lowered emissions, as well as increasing efficiency. Smart Hybrid Technology cars give enhanced performance and thus are value for money while being eco-friendly.

What Is Smart Hybrid Technology?

Smart Hybrid Technology is an advanced technology used by Maruti Suzuki in its vehicles. This technology helps increase fuel efficiency and enhances driving performance. Maruti Suzuki’s Smart Hybrid Technology is very well known for reducing vehicular emissions. Smart Hybrid technology works efficiently with both manual and automatic transmission vehicles.


smart hybrid technology

What Does SHVS Stand For?

SHVS is Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki.

smart hybrid technology

How Does Smart Hybrid Technology Work?

Smart Hybrid is an advanced mild-hybrid technology that utilises a combination of an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) and advanced dual-battery systems.

ISG – The ISG takes the place of a conventional alternator and includes a motor function, which supplements the engine’s power. Thus it improves overall efficiency and lowers the emissions too.

smart hybrid technology


Dual-battery setup – Smart Hybrid technology by Maruti Suzuki is unique in being the only hybrid Technology to utilize a dual-battery setup. It is a combination of a lead-acid battery and a lithium-ion battery.

What Are The Key Features Of Smart Hybrid Technology?

1) Torque Assist

The ‘motor’ function of the ISG as explained earlier in the blog, uses the energy stored in the advanced dual battery system to supplement the engine’s power during acceleration.

smart hybrid technology

2) Automatic Start/Stop

The automatic start/stop* function of Smart Hybrid turns off the engine automatically when the car is idle. With the stored energy from the dual battery setup, it restarts the car as soon as the clutch is pressed. Thus it helps you conserve the fuel that would have normally burnt while idling.

smart hybrid technology

3) Energy Regeneration

The ISG converts the energy from braking/deceleration of the car and stores in the advanced dual battery system. This assists the engine’s idle stop-start and the torque assist functions. Consequently, this lightens the load on the engine by shutting off the engine when at standstill. This not only helps save fuel but also supports the engine in providing optimal acceleration and performance.

Why Your Next Car Should Be A Smart Hybrid?

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Higher Savings
  • Reduced vehicular emissions
  • Cleaner Environment
  • Improved Engine life
  • Enhanced driving performance

Which Maruti Suzuki Cars Have Smart Hybrid Technology?

Maruti Suzuki launched Smart Hybrid Technology with Ciaz in 2015. Later on, it was introduced in Ertiga. Currently, Smart Hybrid Technology is available across Nexa Ciaz, Ertiga, Baleno, S-Cross and XL6.

Maruti Suzuki & Nexa Smart Hybrid Technology equipped cars are the best when it comes to being future-ready and future-friendly. You can experience the Smart Hybrid Technology car by taking a test drive at any Shivam Autozone Maruti Suzuki Arena and Nexa showrooms in Mumbai, Thane & Palghar.

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*Conditions to be satisfied for start-stop functionality – optimal charge in a battery, fastened seat belt and closed driver’s door, the car at standstill, in neutral with a clutch released.