Maruti Driving School

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7 benefits of Shivam Maruti Driving School

  • Well-trained Maruti certified Driving Instructors
  • An entire fleet of training vehicles with double brake controls, AC and Power Steering
  • World-class driving Simulator for inculcating appropriate safety skills
  • Simulator training for driving at night, in rain and in foggy conditions
  • Comprehensive Theory and Practical sessions
  • Only one trainee per car during Practical sessions
  • Certificate issued by Maruti Driving School

Maruti Driving School (MDS) at Nexa Shivam Autozone in Mumbai is an effort to inculcate better and certainly safer driving skills in four-wheeler learners. Also, MDS offers various advantages to driving students, which ensures that they become confident, expert drivers.

Furthermore, the process of teaching and assessing the driving skills of students includes Theory Sessions, Simulator Training, Practical Sessions, and Skill Assessment Tests. Maruti driving school fees differ for each course.

Types of Driving Courses:
  • Learner Course: It is a 21-day program that is designed for beginners. It teaches them driving, makes them confident, and also helps them pass driving tests at the RTOs. Thus they can obtain the Learner and then the Permanent Driving License.
  • Advanced Course: It is a 10-day program for people who already have a driving license but are not confident enough to drive independently.
  • Refresher Course: It is a 5-day program for people who already have a driving license but haven’t driven in a long time. So, they are given only Practical Driving sessions to build their confidence for safe driving on the road.
  • Defensive Driving Training: It includes various modules covering Road signs, rules, safety & fuel efficiency tips to emergency handling. Also, it can be customised as per the requirement of the Corporate.
  • Driving Skill Evaluation: This includes an on-road assessment of driving skills. Also, it covers various parameters from driving techniques to motoring skills.
  • Psychometric Assessment: This includes Assessment of behavioural traits of the Employee on road for various parameters. Also included is the Risk Analysis.

The simulator is certainly a revolutionary smart gadget that simulates real-time traffic conditions. Thus it prepares the learners to face real-time driving conditions. Also, the Simulator acquaints the learners with 3D imagery, multiple screens, and car controls to let them experience driving in real life. It familiarizes them with manouvering a real car before they get to the busy streets. The simulator sessions reinforce the skills students learn in the practical coaching sessions but in a safe, stress-free environment. The simulator simulates a variety of conditions such as night driving, hill driving, road, and light, driving in rain and foggy conditions, thus providing them first-hand driving experience.

Also, each student receives Maruti Suzuki driving certification on completion of the course successfully.

Shivam Autozone has a Maruti Driving School outlet at S. V. Road, Kandivali West.
  • S. V. Road Maruti Driving School Hotline – 9664838888