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The pre-owned car market is booming. And at the forefront of this growing market is Maruti Suzuki’s very own Pre-owned cars buying and selling entity, called True Value. At Nexa Shivam Autozone, we stay true to all the elements and features that make Maruti Suzuki True Value a win-win proposition, for both buyers and sellers of pre-owned cars.

At its core, True Value incorporates values of utmost importance – Professionalism, Transparency, Reliability, Simplicity and Warmth. A methodical integration of technology and industry experience is key to the success of this endeavor. All these together help us achieve our fundamental objective of empowering both, pre-owned car buyers and sellers.

As a True Value customer, you get:

  • Extremely reliable digital evaluation of pre-owned cars on 376 key checkpoints
  • A dedicated Relationship Manager, to give you genuine, professional advice
  • A large car display to help you to make the best choice
  • Seamless online and offline integration, wherein you can choose your preferred car online before you visit the True Value facility
  • Fair, transparent prices on pre-owned cars from multiple brands
  • Opportunity to Test Drive and know the car before buying
  • The advantage of Genuine Maruti Suzuki Accessories for your car
  • Transparency in our services to make it convenient for both the buyers and sellers

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